Your car means a lot to you. It’s part of your life, it’s part of your family. So you want to keep your car’s engine as close to factory clean as possible. By putting Pennzoil® motor oil with Active Cleansing Agents™ in your engine, you can be sure that you’re doing the very best you can for your car. And you’ll drive with confidence and experience the feeling that comes with a clean engine.

The Technology of Clean
Why is clean so important in today’s engines? Engines are born clean at the factory. In fact, if you were to visit the engine-assembly facilities of state-of-the-art engine builders like Ferrari, you’d find that they more closely resemble semiconductor clean rooms. That’s because the tolerances in today’s engines are tighter than ever, and today’s engine builders know that clean is crucial.

Exclusive video at the Ferrari Factory

Dirt happens
The problem is, even pristine engines don’t stay pristine for long. Every time you turn your engine on, it continuously generates acids, combustion gases, water vapor and fuel by-products that end up in your oil—your engine’s bloodstream. Unchecked, these contaminants may eventually form deposits that can clog oil passages, gum up moving parts and, ultimately, reduce engine responsiveness. Tighter tolerances = less tolerance for dirt and deposits.

For every 100 gallons of gasoline burned in an engine, these by-products are produced:

  • 90-120 gallons of water.
  • 3-10 gallons of unburned gasoline.
  • ½-2 pounds of soot and carbon.
  • ¼-1 pound of varnish.
  • 1-4 pounds of sulphuric and nitric acid.

A measurable percentage of these by-products end up in the crankcase oil, potentially contaminating the oil. When dispersed properly in oil, the filter can trap the larger particles. Contaminants too small to be filtered are removed with the engine oil change.

If the oil does not disperse contaminants properly into the oil, or if the oil does not get changed, the suspended particles begin to settle out of the oil, forming sludge and damaging deposits, as in this valve deck.

Mission Statement

In our shop we believe in this motto and strive to provide excellent customer service. Read about our company mission statement.

“Our Mission is to establish caring relations with the community and to provide professional automotive service in a timely and affordable manner, all while providing a comfortable environment both for you, the customer and the employee. Be assured that Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change will never take advantage of anyone and remember that Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change believes "Customers are for a Lifetime.”

Our Vision

Our Vision Statement is actually incorporated into our mission statement “Customers are for a Lifetime.”
Our shop is designed for Quick Oil Changes for your automotive needs. We can do services on all makes and models including European, Domestics, Imports, Oil Change, Modernized Emission Test, Rust Check and other services as listed below.

We can provide additional services including: Fuel Filter Replacement, Transmission Filter change, Transmission Flush, Power Steering Flush and Coolant Flush.

“Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change” we operate in a professional manner and the main reasons you should call us for service on your vehicle:

We Will Change Only What is Needed
We will advise you of other problems or recommendations without any pressure.

There are no surprises here

We will never make any changes to your estimate or do any services without your approval. All Oil Change Packages Include up to 5 Litters of oil Vehicle inspection report & top up fluids under hood, PLUS lubricate chassis and doors.